Built Green

Home building takes into consideration Built Green practices

Like many homeowners, we too are concerned about environmental issues such as water conservation, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. In effort to build homes that are environmentally friendly and make optimum use of sustainable building practices, Klein Homes is a certified, registered member of Built Green™ BC .

Built Green BC is a residential building program of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association that provides increased construction standards for homes that are healthier for the occupants and the environment using sustainable or “green” building practices.

Energy Efficiency

Next to a mortgage, energy costs are the most significant household expenditure. An energy efficient home offers lower energy costs.


A less drafty home with improved ventilation increases your control of humidity and temperature.  Good home design can take advantage of the sun’s warmth in the winter and reduce the sun’s impact in the summer.

Water Efficiency

Installing water efficient appliances and hardware can significantly reduce the amount of water a household consumes. Planting a water-wise landscape also reduces the water demand and requires less maintenance while still adding beauty to your home.

Healthier Indoor Air

Tightening a home to make it more energy efficient without adequately addressing the ventilation can create health problems. Built Green homes include well-sealed duct systems, combustion appliances that are sealed and/or direct vented and controlled fresh air.

Durability and Less Maintenance

Built Green encourages the use of building materials that are more durable both inside and outside the home. This reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Built Green Benefits

– Lower electric and
water utility costs
– Ensures healthy, well
constructed homes increases
 construction standards
– Reduces Green House Gas
– Emissions in your community
– Reduces your
environmental footprint


The Measurement of Success is Real

– One Built Green Gold Home
saves 2.5 tonnes of
greenhouse emissions annually
– One 60 lot subdivision at the  Built Green Gold Level is the equivalent of taking 40 cars off the road every year


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